I'm an advertising copywriter in Los Angeles. I started out in Minneapolis, and wrote for Hakuhodo and other agencies in Tokyo.

I’ve written everything. From print to digital. Radio to speeches. Websites to magazines. Videos to TV. I wrote UX copy before it was a thing.

Clients include Mercedes-Benz, Acura, Belkin, Canadian Club, Uber, Best Buy, Air New Zealand, and Sky TV. And about 200 others.

I enjoy making people laugh. Or tear up. Or both at the same time. But sometimes people just need to get the gist of something as soon as possible. Writers can build elaborate worlds. Or cut a path straight through the brambles, and get people on their way. Copywriting is learning new tactics every day, and figuring out which ones will best achieve the goal.

Aside from copywriting, I also write movie and TV scripts (mostly comedies), draw cartoons, play the banjo, and study languages.

If you'd like to see more broadcast work here, we can do something about that.